Michel Calvet

Michel Calvet figurative painter magician of matter and color

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

Michel CALVET "magician of matter, color, life! "

It was Marion, a gallery owner friend at Le Castelet, who introduced me to this artist and I can never thank her enough!
I entered as if by magic and with enthusiasm into his universe of colors, materials, very varied subjects inspired by the South of France, Paris, Corsica, but also from his travels in Morocco ... the strength, the personal atmospheres which emerge from each canvas: for me everything was colors and life! his emotions became mine.

Each new exhibition is for me a dazzling of the eye, as he knows, each time, to be surprising in his permanent evolution, restricted by any fashion: everything is true with Michel, sincere painter he does not cheat! her palette "painting alone" immerses us in her universe of light, happiness and life so that each painting becomes tasks of color that call for other forms or become expressionist.

"A Merry Expressionist" I used to say!

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