Catalan sculptor Artigasplanas

"La meva escultura és el reflexe de l'estat d'ànim, dels meus sentiments" ArtigasPlanas

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

ARTIGASPLANAS "the impossible becomes possible! "

It was at a contemporary art fair in Strasbourg that I got to know the "little good women" of Artigasplanas that a Catalan gallery exhibited.

When I got to know him, I was very surprised to discover "a great man" who, with his magical hands, created in volume a small world of women who never cease to surprise us and whom we admire with a smiling sympathy. and a touch of envy.

I watch how it makes them live while lightness, feet firmly anchored in reality but the head in the stars to make us think, dream, hope that with will the impossible becomes possible!

I like what Joan puts across in his figurative sculptures but of contemporary style: harmonious little good women always on the move, balancing girls in full effort "not to climb very high, but all alone" suits them perfectly. It’s a sensitive and powerful universe at the same time, poetic and fragile where humor is never far away! a reflection of the artist ... maybe?

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