Sylvia Garcia

Sylvia Garcia colorist, post-impressionist painter

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

She is an art lover who visits the gallery told me about this artist and urged me to meet her. What I have done.
Arriving in his workshop it was two beautiful discoveries; first of all from Silvia, a warm, spontaneous artist and then of course from her paintings.

I was in front of a profusion of colors and luminous vibrations whether in its intimate interiors or its landscapes of sea, countryside but what impressed me the most was the work of his still lifes and his very portraits. sensitive. This work was of very high quality and touched me deeply.

I remember that I had to leave immediately with his canvases because I was so impatient to hang them on the picture rails of the gallery to introduce them to all painting enthusiasts. I believe that my sincere enthusiasm also impressed her because she confided to me more than thirty paintings when we had just met!
It was a magnificent exhibition which met the success it deserved and since then, this beautiful story continues!

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  • Medium: Painting : oil
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