Animal sculptor - born in 1967 in Brittany

"Found the material that gives him pleasure"

For Pascal Chesneau, sculpture must remain very simple for a more accomplished aesthetic.
He feeds on everything he can see, likes to work live and after studying attitudes, goes straight to the point; it seeks transparency and lightness.
It just sketches a small line and the eye continues and sees the shape. If he just insinuates the story, the work lives by whoever watches the work ...
If he minimizes the material, he keeps the volumes to give a wild power to his sculptures which find their balance between weight and fragility.

He used car hoods as the main material, and then bought them from a scrap dealer for the bases. He sculpts the sheet, which he airs, which he purifies, in lace, but also the wind, the light, the transparency, the lightness so that these big wild beasts continue to make us dream!
It uses little material: 1 welding machine, two or three pliers, one or two hammers to shape the metal.

For Pascal Chesneau, his sculptures have a first life with him who designs them, then a second life with those who adopt them: the work no longer belongs to him.
Very involved for years in the protection of endangered species, he wishes with his sculpture to sensitize those who look at it: thus he will have done his part!

His sensitive and powerful work based on transparency, has earned him numerous distinctions, for the two most important:
The French artists' silver medal and the Wildlife artist of the year awarded by the David Shepherd Foundation.

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