Joan ARTIGAS is a Catalan sculptor.

The Sculptor ARTIGASPLANAS is one of the Catalan artists who exhibits the most in Art Galleries and Fairs of Contemporary Art throughout Europe for a decade. It is particularly present in France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The Woman is part of the work of this sculptor; a timeless, strong woman who rests lightly on inaccessible constructions or who require great efforts to overcome them: but she always does so lightly!

Bronze is the basis of this sculptor's compositions, but his sculptures are always accompanied by rusty steel (also called cortene): this material which serves as a support, delimits space in a very personal environment which means that the sculpture is no longer just a representation of reality but of a particular and original world! The woman is represented warm, conquering, sensual ...
In the works of Artigasplanas the geometric base and the sculpture are in harmony to reflect the efforts, the joys, the dreams of a daily expression.

If, at first glance, his work seems simple: his work, looking at it carefully, is complex and above all very personal.
Teaching and sculpture are the great passions of this artist.

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