Artistic approach

Let the unconscious guide me, give voice to colors and lights to express my emotions. Thanks to this I let myself be carried away every day to give free rein to my creativity.

What is fantastic in an abstract painting is the openness of the imagination and the emotion it brings to the viewer.
I only do part of the creative process by making a work; I open a first part of the imagination… each one to create the continuation of the history and to find there its own resonance.
For more than 30 years, colors, materials, graphic research have been part of my daily life. My creative energy finds its source in the music with which I constantly paint and my travels.
From Australia to Brazil via Bali or Hawaii, nature and the great outdoors have unconsciously contributed to the development of my painting.
My unconscious is guiding me, he is my best creative friend.


Born in 1969, confirmed painter, graduate of Applied Arts, I exhibit today in different galleries in France, Belgium, China, Hongkong, Amsterdam, Sweden, USA and Australia.


Acrylic on canvas or cardboard. Collage of paper, canvas, fabrics. Mix of structural paste, glazes, oil pastels, inks ...

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