Let's celebrate all the women

This month, Juliette's decorating trends take you into the world of women. As Mother's Day has just been celebrated in style, we would like to bring them to the forefront. Since the dawn of time, women have been the muse of many artists : sculpture, painting, engraving. She is most often represented in her simplest form - naked - reflecting the modesty, taboos or even the boldness of our society. The audacity of these works has evolved in relation to cultures and eras. This exceptional being has more than one trick up her sleeve to surprise you. 

As a famous Gustave Courbet would say, she is the "The Origin of the World" and never ceases to fight against patriarchy rooted in morals. Her quest for recognition on a par with that given to men demonstrates her quality of perseverance and robustness of spirit. 

Her curves and elegance are also weapons of power that she holds in this world. The bronze sculptures erected by Anne-Gëlle Arnaud and Mireille Chevin approach this singular beauty with poise and refinement.

Anne Gaëlle Arnaud et Mireille Chevin, the mothers of these artworks, are themselves evidence of change in women's conditions. Artists, sculptors, but also painters, they highlight women in their lightest and most natural dress.

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