Exhibitions ... Surely my favorite part as a gallery owner, it is the culmination of months of work bringing together making contacts, promoting on networks, planning the event, among others.

But above all, this is the moment that all actors in the artistic world are boldly waiting for, because sharing turns out to be at the center of interactions. The collector, the artist, the gallery owner do not have the same angle of vision on the work: they therefore enrich each other's experience. In addition, it is always pleasant to meet people, sometimes to discover the original and quirky universe of art lovers or artists who deserve to be valued.

This month we had the honor of being hosted by the Europ'art gallery in order to present the fabulous works of Jurga and Mireille Chevin serving as a framework for the essential paintings of Michel Calvet - “magician of matter, of color, life! ” Juliet.

The latter was present on Saturday, May 30 to meet his admirers, for our greatest pleasure!

In fact, on Sunday May 31, a new wave of enthusiastic visitors arrived at the gallery. A real pleasure to meet and interact with new people. It was also the opportunity for Michel Clavet and Jurga to see their works assailed with compliments - objects of adulation.

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