Another month ends to allow a new one to be born. But first of all, let's take a look back at Juliette's favorites of this beautiful sunny May. Lau Blou's works caught the gallery owner's curiosity with their touches of bright color and the intrigue behind them. Indeed, the artist only offers the opening to the imaginary entrails that lurk in each of us. The second step of the process which is carried out in front of an abstract work and to give free rein to our emotions, to our state of mind.What is magic is that every day the interpretation we have of the work can switch. You will be surprised every day, I assure you!

Here with "Flower Power" and "In search of lost time" which are a bit of a mirror of our desires and our frustrations during these two months of confinement, a very special period that occurred in this spring of 2020, Lau Blou shows us the beginnings of two characteristics of these moments of isolation.

The spring aspect of May brings some "green" to our daily lives. The colors chosen to illustrate this season brighten up our days and, for those who do not have green space, substitute an expanse of polychrome natural plants.

In addition, the abstract representation of these flowers allows us to visualize the varieties that we prefer. The canvas therefore shows adaptation to individuals, to their tastes. A certain appropriation and a feeling of recognition are then perceptible.

Days, weeks, months spent at home without knowing what would happen. A reunion phase for some families, complicated for others. One thing is certain, the feeling of putting our life, our relationships, our professional or leisure activities on pause, many have had to live with it.

It is not always easy to accept such a situation, to see the passage of time - this time which is so precious - before our eyes, to be stripped of all control - if not absolute, at least relative - and having to project oneself in a more than uncertain way, even to plunge into the void. Of course, the time that has slipped away will not come back to us and this is where we can bounce back.

It is never too late to discover new occupations, arts, sciences. It is up to everyone to tend to escape from their routine. Now is even the right time.

Even though you are in a telecommuting situation, thinking about the people on the front lines makes us realize that we have time finally - the relentless quest for time that eludes us every day in this stressful and fleeting daily life of our society. usually - and that he may never offer us his comfort more than at this moment.

So if you are lucky enough to be able to take advantage of this rare time nowadays, grab it and go in search of lost time.

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