Recycled or natural materials, questioning about the preservation of nature, denouncing a situation, alerting, raising awareness, provoking reflection ... artists make us aware of ecology through their art. 

Ecological art is today a real trend in contemporary creation.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists who sublimate our vision, enhance it and educate us to respect it. of collective consciousness about the fragility of our environment, of nature and its degradation due to man and its over consumption have been alerts for our artists who are responding more and more.

Ecological art is therefore an artistic genre that aims to preserve, raise awareness of life forms and the ecology of the Earth and promote a change in human consciousness.

This contemporary art has its place in galleries, a new artistic diversity that provides a response, a vision to the current environmental crisis.

Artistic methods like sculpture, painting, photography, video art, assemblage, environmental installation, environmental sculpture, poetry, cinema… explore this ecological art.

Juliette wants to present this ecological art thanks to the artist Pascal Chesneau who works with recycled steel, in particular car sheets to which it gives a second life, the result is astounding! An artist who wishes "at his own level" with his sculpture, to sensitize those who look at it.

His commitment touched Juliette, a lover of animals and nature.

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