Mireille Chevin

Mireille Chevin bronze nude sculptures that we want to caress

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

Mireille CHEVIN "bronzes to chew on"

Mireille is a child of the country, of Languedoc. It was only natural that she came to see me at the gallery and she was the first sculptor with whom I started to work ... more than twenty years ago!
Mireille is an engaging artist, who lives her sculpture and whose inner voice we enjoy listening to in each of her.
Mireille lived, for a time, in Reunion so her first bronzes are the reflection of these radiant women, with flourished and sensual forms.

Spiritual daughter of Volti, Mireille works only on a living model and none of her sculptures leave anyone indifferent - we are captivated by the delicacy, the softness of a profile, the nape of the neck, a back ... of the sensuality that s 'emerges; emotion!

"In each of her sculptures hides a woman from whom Mireille has stolen a little soul" Françoise ARQUETOUT, writer

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