Pascal Chesneau

Pascal CHESNEAU The sculptor's lacemaker: transparency and lightness

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

Pascal CHESNEAU "the dentelier of sculpture"

It’s Annie Puybareau, artist from the gallery, who sent me this artist’s file telling me how good she thought about her work. We talked about it again at a fair in Rouen.

Not long ago, I contacted him and I listened to an enthusiastic artist, sincere in his approach, very kind… we decided to work together.

I love this work of recycled steel (often car sheets) which in his hands turns into original sculptures with beautiful effects of grace, transparency. Without a doubt he is an artist apart in the world of animal art.

It produces elongated animals, often of large sizes, with a predilection for the wild fauna of the countries of Asia and Africa; If it leaves part of the animal's anatomy in suspense, it is so that this absence suggests the risk of disappearance if we do nothing.

His sincere commitment touches me because, very involved in endangered species, Pascal Chesneau wishes "at his small level" with his sculpture, to sensitize those who watch it!

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