André Bourrié

André Bourrié Official Painter of the Navy

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

"A painting of silence, contemplative, intimate, elegant"

One morning a man entered the gallery and exclaimed "finally an artist on display! "Without knowing this person I was in complete agreement with him because the artist exhibited on our picture rails was Gérard Passet (unfortunately disappeared)!
What was not my surprise to discover that this man was the painter André Bourrié, official painter of the Navy, with an international reputation, whose works touched me deeply for the softness, the tranquility which emanated from it. For me his canvases were full of smells and poetry. I talked about it with some of my clients and friends - frequent travelers - who had the chance to discover his works in exhibitions, especially in New York!
But I was even more so when he added: I am back in Montpellier where I was born and I would really like to exhibit in your gallery.
This is how I got to know him.

The gallery being very young at that time I told him that the public would not be there, that it would be difficult.
He came to see me again ... we discussed a lot ... I discovered behind the artist a sympathetic, sincere man with a lot of humility in front of his work, synonymous for me of great, very great talent!
Little by little was born the idea of ​​"why not" accept and mount a personal exhibition of his works.
… And since then, each exhibition has been great moments of emotion and sharing.

“… The artists who have received the favor of feeling the grandeur of creation and of light fulfill an essential function! "

Henri Quéffelec

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