I created in February 1994, the Galerie de l'Ecusson, a place that is both dynamic and warm in the heart of Montpellier historic center where, in a definitely eclectic approach to the works presented, I also defended many emerging contemporary artists as well as artists of national and international renown always chosen for their talent and their sincerity.

During these 25 years, I have been supported by the loyalty and trust of many visitors, lovers of artistic discoveries, and certain testimonies when the Gallery's gates closed in April 2019 deeply touched me.

Today, I wanted to work differently to allow me to devote myself fully to the development of artists and the dissemination of their works, not only locally, in Montpellier, but nationally and internationally.

My first wish, thanks to a site that aims to be a place of contemporary artistic expression where met with happiness: painters, sculptors, glass-makers, engravers ... is to rediscover and broaden the pleasure of these moments of artistic discovery, sharing and exchange with art lovers.

Let this site be alive and interactive thanks to you! May this site be yours!

Why buy Artwork?

We don't buy a work but we buy a work! It’s first and foremost a crush!

It is beauty that we put in our daily lives and at the same time it is a work that we will be able to transmit to our children, grandchildren or to people who are dear to us.

What type of work for whom? for what environment?

The work that caught your attention, the one for which you have a crush, will necessarily register in your interior because, in your unconscious, you can already perceive it at home.

Which work to start with? Painting or sculpture…?

Often the first acquisition is a painting but for some the walls, by the very many favorites, become narrow. It is very naturally, that they will bring their gaze to the sculpture which they quickly realize that it is complementary, that there is a harmony between the sculpture, the painting and their interior: this is what which creates the identity and character of each person's interior.

In sculpture, we must not forget that there are 3 dimensions. I often say that for a sculpture, if you don't want to touch it but just look at it, it's not a good sign: a sculpture, you look at it and above all you want to caress it, that it either glass, bronze or earthenware.

An exception all the same, with certain paintings, for which I happened to tell people to close their eyes and to stroke the painting so much it emerges from this painting or the material a sensuality invisible to the eyes but perceived by touch.

What contact will you have with your Internet users?

During the 25 years during which I directed the Gallery, I always privileged the contacts with the people who made me the honor to return there, to spend a moment, to look and to exchange on what they discovered.

First, I never thought about buying but privileged exchanges because I find it very important for the person who discovers to be able to share his emotions. It is very gratifying that a person has a crush on a work that I have chosen, because I myself had the same emotion at the work of this artist which I have often acquired, personally, several works.

I always say that there is the gallery owner, the artist, the work and whoever discovers it, looks at it and sometimes ... appropriates it.

This exchange, this sharing I extend it through this site by making you discover my favorites and staying attentive to your emotions.

You who look at this site which reflects my work as a gallery owner as faithfully as possible, do not hesitate to bring me your eyes, as I have always asked my visitors, collectors and friends; I am at your disposal to discuss your environment and your wishes.

Remember that your interior will evolve over the years, the work will always remain true to itself and will always be present. Do not hesitate to ask me for the choice of a painting or a sculpture that you like, I am just here to speak with you.

This site is like the Gallery, a place of exchange and sharing with you;, beyond a simple site that we look at, browse, I would like a link to be established between you , the artists and me. Art without exchange is a dead letter to me.

Recent reviews from happy people

« It was with pleasure Christophine arrived from France to Australia. She is truly beautiful. Juliette at the Gallery was truly amazing making the experience incredibly easy. So much so, I will definitely be purchasing again. It was an absolute pleasure! »                                   

Susan P. - Victoria, Australie

« En fait, la galerie n’est pas complètement ni définitivement fermée. j’ai constitué, au cours de mes visites auprès de vous, ma galerie virtuelle personnelle: elle n’est pas constituée de numérique, mais surtout de souvenirs, de contacts chaleureux de discussions intéressantes, d’expressions picturales aussi diverses qu’intéressantes. C’est ce dont s’alimente notre mémoire… Amitiés » 

Jean G. - Montpellier, France

« J’ai découvert avec surprise votre lettre. Je me suis senti touché par votre témoignage et votre sincérité dans ce que vous partagez de ces 25 ans au contact des artistes, des clients et surement de vous-même aussi. J’ai apprécié de venir partager des moments avec vous dans votre galerie ou dans nos bureaux de Narbonne. J’ai profité de vos bons conseils, de votre accueil chaleureux et de votre passion. Merci et gratitude. Quand je dis vous, je pense en premier à vous Juliette mais très vite me vient aussi votre mari en tête et la belle personne qu’il est je trouve. Avec toute mon amitié. »

Eric B. - Montpellier, France

« La vie est un changement permanent, 25 ans est un long chemin. Si je devais retenir une seule chose, l'amour qui émane de ce lieu, pourquoi ; le hasard des rencontres, des échanges, des moments partagés essentiels à l'épanouissement, même si parfois on considérait que c'était folie, tout ceci n'a été possible parce que ce lieu est partagé par vous et l'amour des choses, des objets posés par ci par là, mais toujours en harmonie. »

 Marie-Ange A. - Ajaccio, France

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