Jean-Pierre Rossignol

Engraving - Intaglio print produced with a chisel and drypoint.

Deposited and listed at the BNF (National Library of France)

Magnificent family of elephants in the African savannah

Black and sepia prints

Using chisels with a triangular edge, the design is incised in a steel or copper plate. Thus, the pattern is made in hollow with its solid, its hairlines and its precision of the line.

There is no "repentance". The artist must have an absolute control of his gesture and the force of his pressure; his chisel removes at each impulse a metal chip corresponding to the value of the line, threadlike or fatter .

The particularity of the chisel is to collect the ink in the hollow of the line. The complete board is inked and then carefully wiped so as not to leave any ink remaining on the flat parts. The moistened sheet of paper is placed on the plate and powerfully applied by a press. The ink is transferred to the paper, which, by flexibility, has entered the recesses.

Welcome to the artist workshop

The workshop and his tools


The gesture, the tool, the engraving chip
The chisel, genius of all finesse
Work sold with an invoice from the gallery and a certificate of authenticity
Hand-signed by artist
Arjomarie paper
50 copies
Dimensions cm
17,50 x 13

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  • Thank you so much Juliette for this wonderful Trucchi aquarium . The package postal was very safe (best I have seen)! All the best! Christian L. (UK)

  • It was with pleasure Christophine arrived from France to Australia. She is truly beautiful. Juliette at the Gallery was truly amazing making the experience incredibly easy. So much so, I will definitely be purchasing again. It was an absolute pleasure! Susan P. (Australia)

  • We came across Jurga's work whilst travelling in France recently, but did not have time then to seriously consider our options. At home, I checked online as to what pieces were available. Your gallery was one of those which registered a hit. The website was nicely presented and easily navigable. David B. (Germany)

  • We are home again and our little "Jurga" has found her spot. We are delighted with our acquisition and we are very happy to have it with us. We were very happy to meet you and exchanged together about the artist and her work. We hope to be able to offer our Jurga a little brother or sister in the near future. Georges B. (France)

  • This is the best art gallery in Montpellier. The artists who exhibit there are excellent and one is captivated by the beauty of the sculptures and paintings. Very friendly openings take place there and we can just meet the artists. Michel N. (France)

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