Annie Puybareau

Annie Puybareau figurative painting with dynamic compositions

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

"A great traveler on the ground, she takes us on flamboyant journeys"

It is more than fifteen years that Annie on the move to Montpellier came to the gallery and I immediately agreed to work with her, as her enthusiasm is communicative!

You understood, Annie is a very nice artist with an immense talent… always ready to go with her easel, her brushes and her boxes of color on the roads as she likes to discover places that she wants to show us from different angles and give life to those who frequent them thanks to his exceptional mastery of drawing.

Whatever the universes that inspire it, there is a very strong link between the emotion felt in front of a work where the work of shadow and light plays in poetic writing.

Easel painter, she knew how to master a different way of transmitting a figurative full of life, of an irresistible charm!

His work is the continuation of his travels… “a tasty journey of the senses, an undeniable success! "

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Annie Puybareau


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