Born in Paris in 1955, Annie Puybareau very early manifested her taste for drawing. At 20, she enrolled at the Beaux-Arts in Rouen for Robert Savary's courses (Grand Prix de Rome). Then she meets Albert Malet with whom she works on the motif. Member of the "French Artists" in Paris, his career is marked by numerous awards and exhibitions in France, Holland, Germany, United States, Japan, China ...

Annie Puybareau has managed to maintain a different way of transmitting a figurative full of life and poetry. She is as interested in landscapes as in still lifes.
Respectful of the motif and the luminescence that she never tires of interpreting, her dynamic compositions stimulate the atmosphere in the frankness of a color that exacerbates romanticism. Without excess, with an appropriate sense of staging, this artist works on the play of light and shadow, caressing the details with a precise touch that highlights the emotion of a character, the correctness of a universe. This sweetness of writing does not prevent him from reporting with such vividness the fiery elements and the liveliness of the atmospheres. In her spaces dedicated to nature, she instills powerful feelings which translate a true creative passion. (Paris-Normandy)

The painter has no other models than those given to him by the present time. Inseparable from her traveling easel, Annie Puybareau favors the instantaneity of her emotion; she then leads the design of her canvas with frankness and determination. In search of colors that vibrate, she makes the shadows light and volatile, caressing the details with a precise touch that highlights the emotion of a character, transforms the landscape into light.

"In The painter of modern life, Baudelaire proclaims:" This one would be the painter who would make us see and understand how tall and poetic we are in our ties and our varnished boots ". In other words, the painter has no other models than those that present time gives him. However, art is not reduced to a simple imitation of reality: it is the search for the universal that points behind the ephemeral.
Annie Puybareau's painting perfectly embodies this thought of Baudelaire. Patiently, she observes with precision, the metamorphoses of the contingent and the transient. However, this concern for reality is only the first moment. Besides, his work highlights the process by which nature is creative. In addition, it constantly seeks to reveal the eternal and the immutable of the human condition. And, this persistent quest for the elusive consecrates the grandeur and the subtle depth of Annie Puybareau's painting. "

Pierre Artaud

“Annie Puybareau expresses in her paintings how precious the vitality with which she adorns them. Life is very present with its moving skies, the daring shadows, the shimmering waters and these vivacious people whose slightest gesture, thinest attitude, are always in harmony with the admirable harmony of a realism whose seductive magic spreads to the heart of modest but vibrant little still lifes. But that's not all: Annie Puybareau also has a gestural and chromatic dynamic which can be seen in the canvases inspired by Spain, Morocco and South America. There, light fully plays its magical role, colors burn and live in contrasts, not to mention the audacious assurance of perspectives and amazing movement effects of irresistible charm and perfect mastery. "

André Ruellan

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