Pierre Germain

Germain a moving sculpture full of life

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

"Know-how, if necessary, must only be at the service of the act of creation"
So says Pierre Germain, a new sculptor to "integrate" the Gallery!

It was Jurga who introduced him to me, one day when I was visiting the Fonderie Barthélémy to descend works in Montpellier. She had already told me about this sculptor but, Pierre, very discreet, had not come forward, and a few months passed ...

During a new visit to the Foundry we took the time, during a nice lunch "on the go" to talk about his work, his emotions, I liked his way of always projecting himself into the future, think about his new creation!

These "modelless" sculptures in movement, with their way of "being good with their time" full of life, charm and just that little hint of humor that makes people accept and go through life ... made me want to present them to you, make you discover them!

I think that each, each, will find a small personal plot, then, good discovery!

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Pierre Germain


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