Yves Trucchi

Yves Trucchi sculptor on cold glass

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

"Plant sculptures that seem carried by the breeze and the waves"

A few years ago, I entered a Montpellier gallery which was devoting a large exhibition to him: I left with one of his works in my arms! I immediately liked it, so I simply had to leave with a work, it cannot be explained and it is the magic of my favorites!

Time has passed ... A year ago, a friend of hers came to the gallery, she told me about him: I told him about my crush on his work, she strongly encouraged me to go see him .

 I went to meet him, him whom I did not know, in his workshop I discovered an artist of great sincerity and great sensitivity (but of that I suspected and I told him my favorite ... it touched him a lot that a gallery owner offered himself one of his pieces in another gallery ... quite rare he said to me) and it was very naturally that we decided to work together.

Her plant sculptures built by assembling colored glass pieces and sculpted with a sandblast are quite simply… M A G I Q U E S!

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