The life and work of Yves Trucchi are divided between the land and the sea!

His passion for the Mediterranean which he transcribes into fairly different but complementary creations all revolve around this element.

Yves Trucchi sculpts glass but he has his own way of expressing its magic. He plays with its texture - transparency or opacity - but he knows, like no one, how to play with its depth, its density and give it life by trapping his dreams of colors and light.

Everyone knows its fascinating sea blocks - animated by myriads of hand-painted coral fish - which reveal the transparency of the abyss, the magic of the seabed and take us into aquatic enchantment.

But he offers us other mysteries ...

Interweaving the mineral and the vegetable, he combines glass and wood in plant sculptures - constructed by assembling colored glass pieces and sculpted with a sandblast - which seem carried by the breeze or the waves in the power of their movement, we imagine the scale and intensity.

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