Sophie Verger

Sophie Verger animal sculptures of great sensitivity

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

"To show the eyes of the spirit a bestiary full of humanity"

It was also at a contemporary art fair that I discovered the work of Sophie Verger that I got to know. She is an artist of great sensitivity, kindness and great simplicity as only the great artists know how to be, always curious about the work of others.

I love, I am touched by his tender and poetic bestiary and in this complicity child and animal which brings up images, often from our childhood, on what brings us so close to animals… here very human in Sophie but where humor , the playfulness are never far in the stories that this couple tells, with the emotions which emanate from it.

His bestiary is very important and each one has his favorite animal but his rhinoceros, his elephants, his giraffes, his bears ... move us, make us smile, laugh and finally, tell us about us. Regarding the Bear, king of animals since prehistoric times, Sophie Verger likes to give it back its place as a cousin of man from ancient times.

Under his hands, the earth comes alive, before transforming into bronzes where each high-quality patina gives them life!

An authentic artist to discover with passion and without moderation!

Sophie Verger is present in numerous museums including the Pompon Museum

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Sophie Verger


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