Jurga a sculpture that we want to take in his arms

A word from Juliette about the artist ...

"Children's eyes are the mirror of the soul, those who know how to see are rarely deceived" Pierre-Claude-Victor Boiste

Love at first sight from my first visit to a stand at ARTENIM about fifteen years ago in front of Jurga's "sculptures"

"The present artist explained to me this slow inner journey necessary for the imagination because it radiates in the fragility of the soul which is difficult to touch.

These children have an inner gaze by which the imagination recognizes the reality of life in our world which is not always easy. "

I kept turning around each one, palpable presence ... how to resist this part of "fragile" childhood that we keep buried in us and which there suddenly resurfaces. Instinctively I wanted to take them in my arms to cuddle them and to hide them from the eyes of others.

Since I have happened, in the gallery, to surprise people with eyes filled with tears by emotion in front of these children… so it is true that each work is a little story, each of us bring your emotions, your desires, your stories.

It’s a collaboration that has been going on for a few years now and which is more and more rewarding, his creativity is impressive.

Jurga is as I used to say "a beautiful person" so that happiness!
To which I was told: "How can it be otherwise when you create so much beauty, charm, tenderness and humor!"

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* We inform you that due to the current context with the war in Ukraine, the price of the raw materials used for the foundry increases regularly. We guarantee the prices displayed until modified by the artist

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