Jurga, born in 1977 in Utena in Lithuania, lives and works in Burgundy (France). Sculptor and designer, the one who simply signs “Jurga” obtained the Grand Prix at the Rouen Salon in 2005 and followed the courses at the Beaux-Arts in Rouen. She exhibits her Bronze or Terracotta works in numerous galleries ...

An exhibition of Jurga is never a journey into the childish, juvenile, naive world of childhood as the first impression might lead you to believe.

The artist’s terracotta or bronze figures are to be seen from the inside, beyond their rough appearance, with rough surfaces, where intimacy and sensitivity are hidden. It is all the love she has for her neighbor, all the kindness with which she is decked out, even her altruism that Jurga gives to her work.

"It was not necessarily children that I represented there," she says willingly. I wanted to translate expressions, moods, sensualities ... You shouldn't look for anything else in it. I know very little about the anatomy and my sculptures are made of anatomical faults, but the important thing is what they release and say to the public, for the sake of aesthetics. "

It is true that we cannot remain indifferent. In an exhibition by Jurga, there is always, whatever its size, a sculpture that you want to take in your arms to laugh with it, to console it, to tell it that we are there ... real magic.

If Jurga admits that she draws her inspiration partly from Soutine's work, she readily admits to being thirsty for creation: "The finished work no longer interests me, what excites me is the work that I have left create. We must regret yesterday and dream tomorrow. "

Jurga also says, “Sculpture must stop passers-by, speak to them and enliven a moment in their lives. It must surprise them, move them, make them want to touch, smile, dream, be photographed alongside. The sculpture is only successful if it brings dream, poetry, love into our daily life. "

"All the characters of Jurga fascinate with their vitality, the incredible accuracy of their attitudes, their expressions and the superb feeling of humor, charm and simplicity ... that obvious echoes of the success of a sculpture on can no longer be figurative and nevertheless perfectly of our time.

How not to succumb to the fascinating charm of its terracotta whose rough surface yet deploys such humanity! How not to be captivated by this saga of statuettes characters with as much evocative power, full of simplicity, tenderness, gaiety or pain.

The expressions, gestures, attitudes reflect on the part of Jurga, a deep knowledge of beings of all conditions, of all ages, a revealer imbued with talent and who exhilarates this immortal discipline that is sculpture. "

André Ruellan, critique d’art

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