André Bourrié, painter of world renown, is Official Painter of the Navy appointed in 1983

Born May 4, 1936 in Montpellier (France) - Died January 6, 2017 -

His works between pointillism and neo-impressionism are exhibited in France but also around the world.

A certified ceramist and director of a molding and modeling workshop, he ended his teaching career after winning the title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France". From then on, he devoted himself entirely to painting.
Self-taught painter, he is known for his seaside, hamlet and nature landscapes. His works, of great finesse, combine pointillism and neo-impressionism.
His paintings describe a calm, beautiful and peaceful world. Water is for him a reflection which allows to double the serenity of the landscape. His works are borrowed from a sweet nostalgia.
He notably painted the landscapes of the Côte d'Azur, Vendée and Languedoc.

Some of its many distinctions:

    1968 - Silver Medal Art-Sciences-Letters
    1977 - Silver Medal, French Artists and Appointed Member of the Salon of French Artists
    1978 - Gold Medal. French artists
    1983 - Appointed Official Painter of the Navy and Winner of the Grand Prix International de Lithographie La Presse d'Or
    1987 - Vice-President of the Official Painters of the Navy
    1996 - Official Artist of the Atlanta Olympics
    2000 - The Official Painters of the Navy
    2003 - Gold Medal Academic Society Arts. Sciences. Letters.

Bibliography: André Bourrié, text by Henri Quéfelec - Vision Nouvelle editions
                        André Bourrié, Lumières d'Oc by the author
Acquisitions: City of Versailles
                        Musée Corot de Ville d'Avrayy

"André Bourrié's works of great stability, reassuring balance and radiant light invade the space and end up winning us ourselves in our deep intimacy"

Jacques Castell

The painters of the Navy trace the creation of their body to RICHELIEU, because this Minister of the Marine had at heart to preserve the memory of the great historical facts.

To be today an Official Painter of the Navy is to be recognized not only by his talent but also by a certain connivance with the sea, by a sensitivity to the maritime subject whatever the navy: war, trade, for pleasure or fishing.

They form the oldest artistic group constituted by the State: it is in reality almost three centuries that the Navy has its painters.

Heirs of a long tradition, we recognize them by the anchor which they have the privilege of having their signature followed.

These men are now listed in the Directory of Marine Officers.

They are appointed by the Minister of Defense on the proposal of the Jury of the Biennial Marine Exhibition, which is held at the Musée de la Marine in Paris. Official Navy Painters have the rank of officer regardless of their previous service. They can wear the uniform and have a military identity card: they do not wear stripes because they are not military but only assimilated and have no responsibility in military life other than that of witness artist: approved painters have the rank of lieutenant, the titular painters have the rank of corvette captain.

But since they are not soldiers, we do not give them this rank when we address them: tradition dictates that we call them "Masters".

The Official Painters of the Navy do not receive any salary or pension.

The work of a Marine Painter is not always easy, as Roger CHAPELET pointed out: "As soon as there is a little sea and this is where it becomes interesting to work, the bridge is steals under your feet, the balance becomes precarious, the wind envelops you in its icy whirlpools, the spray sprays you and I do not insist on the seasickness that sneakily watches you. "

But these are very minor drawbacks compared to what a Marine Painter can experience; the sea forges temper and lifts the soul like no other, if only to confirm the adage that there are three types of men: the living, the dead and the sailors.

Source : Directory of Official Painters of the Navy, Rouen 2003

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