“The print has an enigmatic character in itself which comes from its power of abstraction. She does not fight emulation with life. She transposes it into a two-note register whose chords are more compelling than the vast resources of the colored scale. Concentrated force, it acts in depth. (…) Perpetual contrast of the night and the day, drawing from this very contrast even while ascending on us, it gives in the shade an almost sonorous transparency, in the light a more strange brightness than the terrestrial light. (…) Not only is it made to glorify the individuality of the artist, but it is impossible for the artist not to put on the board his most intimate individuality. ”

Charles Beaudelaire

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Barque Barque 2
Jean-Pierre Rossignol


Engraving - Intaglio print produced with a chisel and drypoint.Deposited and listed at the BNF (National Library of France)

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