Anne Gaëlle Arnaud reveals to us in her works the hidden side, in our memory, of the places we love, admire.

Anne Gaëlle Arnaud has always painted. Although she studied the art of ceramics in the fine arts of Vallauris, she was always attracted by abstract painting which imposed itself naturally on her for love of color and composition.

This direct relationship with landscapes giving off a powerful charm, undoubtedly, led her to paint motifs from this universe. Many great artists have been inspired by the light and energy of the Côte d'Azur: Cézanne, Matisse and also Nicolas de Staël to whom Anne Gaëlle pays a brilliant tribute.

All have felt the magnetic power that emanates from these places. Anne Gaëlle seized it and seized it to create paintings that reflect the same energy as what they represent. A sailboat then turns into an incandescent red flame. The image of the sailboat, abstract, becomes a symphony of colors. These punctuate the pictorial logic of the painting which is a veritable ode to movement.

Anne Gaëlle's canvases tend absolutely to feeling, to emotion, to an overall impression; the pictorial space being above all an interior space ... almost intimate, but an infinitely free space.

Since her style continues to assert itself, enriched by beautiful encounters as in July 2013 in Nîmes with Claude Viallat comforting her in the very idea of ​​a painting without words - intense and without expectations - but full of beautiful revelations.

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