"Aline JANSEN frees herself from figurative and abstract questions often important to art professionals and visitors to integrally inscribe into a franc contemporaneity....
the artist feels the necessity to come back to manual artistic work by using drawing (charcoal, pencils, inks) in order to re-introduce the human being … ... 

She takes possession of the chapels upwardly to the choir with her abstracts material spaces described as « Paysages mentaux » by Christian Skimao (art critic), dreamed spaces in which she includes, in addition to materials and paintings, pieces of photographs but by giving large room to drawing.

Aline JANSEN is a researcher in the scientific and artistic meanings. Very young, she learned different techniques at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier and developed her theoretical knowledge at University of Montpellier during her Art History study. Rapidly, at 21, she exhibits at the Museum of Laon, Museum Paul Valéry in Sète, Museum Werra-Kalibergbau in Germany to name a few !

By her associated spaces, the artist invites the spectators to enter into a timeless moment full of dreams and spirituality, in order to mentally create their own universes, their own spaces based on their private experience."

Text from Sophie Blachet,
Directrice Art Vitam et Auteure, Editions Lelivredart
About exposure to "la Chapelle Ste Anne à Arles, France"

"... The return to a different singularity, rich in technological inventions, today leads many artists to question painting again.

... It is ultimately a mental process where any deconstruction precedes new construction."

"The spectator must scrutinize the hidden areas of the canvas to discover a hidden, improbable, hazy world...the reality is integrated into the fantastic in a fragmented vision which favours fragments and suggestions ...The temporalities mingle between the present and future. Thus by taking a path which leads us towards the painted thing, we do not advance in truth, since the painting remains a fiction, but take again foot in its enthralling story."

Christian SKIMAO,
Doctor of Letters, Member of the Union of Writers of Art Critics (A.I.C.A)

"With an impeccable, luminous and symbolic aesthetic, the work of Aline Jansen, pushes the boundaries of reality. Car wrecks or disembodied structures, anamorphoses the derisory of our society. Alchemist, she humanizes and sublimates the ordinary and we can say that Aline Jansen is a visionary painter of great talent"   

Philippe Lemoine: writer, poet

“…. Neither entirely figurative nor completely abstract, Aline Jansen's works are developed from fragments of his paintings enriched by the presence of photographs taken during his capture of the urban world. This staging, a true interpretation of the media and themes, gives rise to a new representation of reality, modifying the dimensions involved and the perception of his works

The omnipresence of the car, a motorized extension of the human body caught in an incessant movement, replies to an urban architecture fragmented in space as in time. We can then speak of the deliberate desire to move boundaries, to open new meeting spaces, in an aesthetic and spontaneous confrontation where the artist develops a recomposed language, a personal syntax.

To this writing with wide possibilities, Aline Jansen entrusts an independent but coherent time and poetics; the revelation of meaning is shared confidently with the imagination of the visitor, powerfully carried by a feeling of elevation and freedom from reality.”

Joël Delissey

2017 Le musée Hofer-Bury château des évêques Lavérune
2008 Espace Riquet (solo300 m2), Béziers, France
2001 Musée Werra-Kalibergbau (solo200 m2) Heringen, Allemagne
1999 Musée des Matelles, (solo) Les Matelles France
1993 Musée Paul Valéry, Sète, 5 artistes Ass. NACSEL France
1975 Musée de Laon, France

European and International Fairs
ART MONTPELLIER - ARENA 2017 2018 - 2019, Fr.
Affordable Art Fair ,Singapore, Hong Kong et Bruxelles, Londres, New York be&art gallery, 2015 2014
Art Up «Lille Grand Palais», galerie Art Vitam, Lille. 2015, Fr.
BALT’ART le Grand Paris Nogent/Marne, France 2013, 2011
ART ON PAPER ,  Brussels 2012, Belgium
ART NÎM,  Nîmes, France 2012, 2011, 2010, 2000 à 2009
COMPARAISON Art en Capital, Grand Palais, Paris 2011 Fr.
Antiquaires & Art Contemporain, Arles, France 2010, 2009
FOIRE d’ ART CONTEMPORAIN Valbonne, France, 2008
ART SUD, Art and Design Beyrouth, Liban , 2004
Europ’art Genève, 2003 & 2004 Suisse.
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE, Berlin, Allemagne, 2000
RÉALITÉS NOUVELLES, Quai Branly, Paris 7e 2000 Fr
ST’ART, Strasbourg 1998 1999 Fr.
LINEART, Gand, 1998 Belgique.
Les CONTEMPORAINES, Grand Palais, Paris 8e 1993
GRANDS et JEUNES d'Aujourd'hui,Grand Palais,Paris, France 1991 Fr.
MAISON FRANÇAISE de Washington 1990 USA.

And many others since 1977 ...

Public and private collections
- Musée de Laon et Office du Tourisme, Laon
- Conseil Général des P.O, Palais Royal de Collioure,
- Musée Paul Valéry, Sète
- Collection de la Région Languedoc Roussillon, « Art Vif en Languedoc-Roussillon» (catalogue)
- Espace Hérault Paris, France
- CARRE D’ART, Médiathèque, Nîmes
- Médiathèque Gutenberg, Montpellier
- Ville de Mauguio. Lunel
- Collection revue ART VUES
- Création de l’association NACSEL 1992
- Création d’un festival, Les « Nuits à Flaugergues » au Château de Flaugergues (Montpellier). 1992, suivi d’une exposition itinérante.
- Création de NACSEL Editions, 1995

Creation and publication of artists' books, since 1995 acquired by:
la Médiathèque Gütenberg de Montpellier et la Médiathèque Carré d’art Nîmes.
Création Galerie EUROP’ART Aigues-Mortes 1999

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